4K vs. HD

July 7, 2016
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July 7, 2016 Freddy Rodriguez

4K vs. HD

Should your next corporate, branding, or social media video be in 4K or HD?

A web travel site approached (my company) 66 Films about producing a corporate video and they asked if we worked in 4K. Yes, we do, but after a brief discussion I realized that there was a bit of confusion about what impact 4K would have on their production and budget. So, I’m here to clear things up.

Let’s start with the basics…

What is 4k Video?

4K in the simplest term is four times HD or four times the resolution of HD. HD is 1920×1080 for a total of 2,073,600 pixels. 4K is 3840×2160 which equals 8,847,360 pixels. The more pixels you have the greater the resolution, which means a sharper picture. 4K equals more resolution than HD video, which is great. But will you actually benefit from shooting in 4K? Let’s take a look.

4K Benefits…

  • 4K offers more flexibility for a video production company because it lets us crop and zoom without any degradation of quality, which can be a creative benefit in the end.


  • 4K footage is high-quality enough to grab still frames from. So, if there’s still images you’ll need for marketing purposes you can grab them from your video saving time and money on hiring a photographer.

4K Drawback…

It costs a lot more money to shoot in 4K. Because of the amount of data 4K collects when it’s shot, it requires more camera memory, more crew to shoot it, and more equipment to store it. All those “extras” translates to more costs in the end.

4K looks great on a 4K television or on a movie screen, but considering your corporate video or social media video will more likely be viewed at a desktop computer, tablet, or on a cell phone and not on the big screen, then you’re probably not going get 4K’s full effect.

Is 4K Video really necessary for production?

4K will soon be the golden standard for everything video, but as of right now it’s not necessary yet.

What do I need to consider most when hiring a video production company?

Instead on focusing on video resolution put that effort into finding the right storytellers for your video. A camera is only a tool. In the right hands that camera can weave a story for your company or brand that will feel real and authentic to your viewer. The power of storytelling is not dictated by pixels or technology but rather by talent and experience.

Five things to consider when hiring a video production company.

  1. Do they have a polished and updated website? If they’re website looks like something from 1998…keep moving.
  2. Look at a video production company’s work. Does it resemble what you might want? Does it have the look and feel you want?
  3. Ask for references. Most production companies will gladly connect you with people they’ve worked with in the past.
  4. Look for experience and awards. Just like a resume can speak volumes about a person. Experience and awards can speak volumes about a video production company and the individuals that work there.
  5. Ask about the creative team and production crew. Those individuals are the heart and soul of your video. Find out who they are and who your team will be.
  6. Check out a production company’s presence online. Is their Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn pages updated and informative?
  7. Who’ve they done work for in the past is an important factor. If other familiar company’s or brands have worked with them, then more then likely they’re professional and well equipped to do the job.
  8. Lastly, call them. If they’re nice on the phone and helpful, then that’s a great start.

Hiring a video production team for your corporate or social media needs is like hiring any other service provider. Top quality, the right price, and a good demeanor can go a very long way.

Happy Hunting!

A bit about me and my video production company: I’m a EMMY® and PromaxBDA Award winning Writer, Director, and Editor and the owner and operator of 66 Films. 66 Films uses the power of visual storytelling to promote and convey your brand’s value to consumers via commercials, branding videos, documentaries, corporate videos, and social media videos. We help companies build their brand personality and identity through the power of award winning storytelling. We tell stories…Your story.

Check out our work at xps.415.myftpupload.com or call us at 305 772 1966

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