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[row topSpace=’70’ bottomSpace=”][span12][textbox title=’WHAT WE DO’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′  title_fontsize=’123′ content_fontsize=’12’ text_animation=’grow-in’ text_animation_delay=’150′ text_align=”left”]{content}[/textbox][/span12][/row]
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[span3][iconbox title=’COMMERCIALS’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’200′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’tv2′ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]Whether on-air or online the thirty second commercial still reigns as a powerhouse method to position your brand in front of new & return customers. 66 Films agency approach can help you cast the widest net possible for your product or service. [/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’DOCUMENTARIES’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’350′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’camera6′ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]Rocker, Fashion Icon, Cupcake Maker. We all have a compelling story to tell. And whether it’s for PBS or Youtube, 66 Films can help you tell your story in a compelling way that will inspire and move your audience. [/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’CORPORATE’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’500′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’monitor’ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]From startups to Fortune 500s, 66 Films creates high-quality corporate videos that convey your message, be it internal or external, in a compelling and relatable way to your targeted audience. [/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’SOCIAL MEDIA’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’650′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’bird’ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]A savy social media plan allows for a variety of video content online. 66 Films is your content partner for brand amplification. We craft social media videos and deploy them to the various channels available to your brand online. [/iconbox][/span3]
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[span3][iconbox title=’TRAVEL’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’200′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’suitcase’ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]66 Films is uniquely positioned for creating travel films. We offer experience and a skill set tailored for media channels and publications looking for travel films, which are heavy on style, but easy on their budget. [/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’LIFESTYLE’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’350′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’drink2′ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]Driving awareness to your lifestyle brand while creating a unique visual experience that sells is our goal. 66 Films can amply your brand to reach younger, affluent, and fashion savvy demos. [/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’SHORT FILMS’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’500′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’film’ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]Our team of award winning writers, directors, producers and editors can help execute your short film project. We provide the creative insight, support structure, and team needed for all levels of production.[/iconbox][/span3]
[span3][iconbox title=’BRANDING’ title_color=’#d7c3a8′ icon_animation=’fade-in’ icon_animation_delay=’650′ content_color=’#ffffff’ icon=’broadcast2′ icon_color=’#d7c3a8′]Create broader reach, stronger interaction with your audience, and greater response with a creative branding video. Define your identity and leave a positive impression across a multitude of digital platforms.[/iconbox][/span3]